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  • Neve 1066 |
    Gear Myth and Berries

    Neve 1066 I still have a bunch of old analog audio gear. Some of it keeps going up in value, …

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  • Raven in flight |
    Missive 52: Flight

    San Jacinto Wilderness, California I’ve been writing my weekly missive for a year. I named them missives because I didn’t …

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  • Listen to the Crows

    Del Monte Forest, Monterey, California I was walking on a path through the Del Monte forest when a crow flew …

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  • Lost in Process

    Municipal Pier Monterey, California It was a bright mid-tempo rock song, and everyone wanted to get it right. We were …

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  • Banyan tree, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii |
    The Banyan Tree

    Banyan tree, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii They look like tattoos. The tree’s over a hundred years old, and the writing is …

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