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  • A Little Thinner for Toast |
    A Little Thinner for Toast

    Scully 280B 8-Track Tape Machine Early in my career, I worked with a Scully 280B 8 track tape machine. It …

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  • Sayulita Mexico |
    Touch vs Feel

    I recently spent some time in Mexico with an old friend, Galen Wathen, a chiropractor turned bodyworker. During our conversations, …

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  • Street at Dawn |
    The Missing Gorilla

    In a recent study, a number of radiologists looked at a series of X-rays as if they were looking for …

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  • Shure PE50 Vocal Mic |
    In the hand of a Dream

    Shure PE50SP Vocal Microphone This Shure PE50 pictured in the photo belongs to Donna Rawlins (my wife). She used it, …

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