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  • Morrie’s Alchemy |
    Morrie’s Alchemy

    First Rain, Monterey, California Thanksgiving evening after dessert, our host passed around paper and pens and asked us to write …

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  • Surface Tension |
    Surface Tension

    Berlin, Germany When I think of surface tension, I’m usually thinking of bugs skipping across water. It’s the attraction between …

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  • A Healthier Bondage

    Somewherezig, Germany I saw a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. A long butt more than half a cigarette, and I …

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  • Slow Moving Sideways

    Tiergarten, Biergarten, Berlin, Germany It’s a Sunday afternoon in the beer garden with people laughing and munching wurst, drinking beer …

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  • window pane |
    An Accent with Quiche

    Somewhere in Germany, coordinates unknown, and who the hell cares anyway I was in the Paris Bakery, sipping an Americano …

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