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  • Old sewing machine |
    Craft Meets Art

    On a recent trip to Mexico, we met a woman who worked on a foot-pump Singer sewing machine with hand-tooled …

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  • Mowing Lawn |
    Process and Time

    Years ago, I was walking through the halls of a small record company in Hollywood and bumped into the CEO. …

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  • A Shade of Aesthetic

    My dad hated rock music. He tolerated it, but mostly he scoffed at it, even the Beatles. We were watching …

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  • Antiquated Music

    Sonic expressions have been tumbling out of humanity for a long time. We have archeological evidence that humans have been …

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  • Desert Cactus |
    The Rise and Fall of Inspiration

    Staring at an empty garden space in a yard, at the blinking cursor on a computer screen, or a musical …

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