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  • Beach Board Arm Head

    Asilomar State Beach, Monterey, California I stood and watched the beach, the sun reflected off the rough surface of the …

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  • Bill’s Old Jacket

    Municipal Pier, Monterey, California I was out walking in our old Venice neighborhood one afternoon. I turned the corner to …

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  • Knife on the Right

    Fishermans Wharf, Monterey, California A few years ago, I started experimenting with different ways to set the table. Silverware on …

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  • Maria’s Super Power

    Nepenthe, Big Sur, California We employed a woman named Maria Martinez. She came by once a week to clean and …

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  • Millennium BridgeSculpture, Commons Park, Denver, Colorado
    Meditation Slut

    Millennium Bridge Sculpture, Commons Park, Denver, Colorado There are many different types of meditation: mindfulness, movement, mantra, Zen, Transcendental, Taoist, …

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