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  • Ships Not Seen

    Asilomar State Beach, California There’s a famous story of Christopher Columbus landing in the new world. Even though he anchored …

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  • Monterey Bay |
    The Detour

    Monterey Bay, Monterey, California I went out for my Sunday morning romp. It was chilly, the good kind that wakes …

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  • Compression and Balance

    Via Paraiso Park, Monterey, California  There’s a piece of audio equipment called a compressor, a powerful tool with many uses …

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  • Pete’s Magic

    When I was a kid, we had a neighborhood bike shop named Pete’s. It was in a dirty white house on …

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  • Common Beauty

    Avila Beach, California This morning I peered out our bedroom window. The sun was angling across the yard, lighting up …

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  • Ara’s Garden

    Monterey, California Ara lived down the street in one of those houses that sits way back from the road with …

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