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  • Premer 100R Amplifier |
    Audio has Attitude

    When I recorded guitars for rock bands, I hated those little effects boxes guitar players love. I preferred instead to …

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  • Rain Puddle |
    A Deeper Focus

    I love to photograph rain puddles, focusing deep into the water to reveal the trees, clouds, and sky from a …

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  • Tape Recorder |
    Balance and Craft

    I ordered a sandwich the other day at a local shop; they make great sandwiches, but some of the workers …

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  • Edit Block |
    Is art instinctive?

    Instinct is defined as a natural propensity, an intuitive way, an innate behavior, from Latin: instinctus, which means “impulse.” Art …

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  • Now |

    Now There are only 26 letters and a handful of dots, lines, and squiggles, and with that, we can represent …

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