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  • Liberty | |
    Hairy Legs Stomping

    Mission Bell, Monterey, California I had a girlfriend, Ann, who owned a horse sixteen hands tall. She named it, Freedom, …

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  • Applying the Future |
    Applying the Future

    The Fourth Floor, Monterey, California They’ve been painting the trim on our office building. What does it feel like to …

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  • Tiger vs T-rex |
    Generous Nuances

    Window Shopping, Monterey, California I had an attorney named Allan Stamm. He was over 70 years old when I hired …

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  • American Flag Black and White |
    Infirm Adherence

    Somewhere, California I’ve been thinking about the word integrity. Merriam-Webster defines it as: firm adherence to a code of especially …

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  • Message In a Bottle

    Anywhere, California I walked into a public restroom and found beautiful white and violet flowers sitting next to the sink …

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