Monte Vista,  Monterey, California


The sun set as I stepped out the door for my evening walk. It was later than usual, but I pushed on and took the path through the forest and into the upper neighborhoods. I rounded a corner, and there sat the Holiday Wishing Tree.

“Oh, the wishing tree is back,” said a neighbor walking her brown and white Jack Russell. “I was wondering if it would be back this year. I’ll have to think about what I want to say.”

There were no wishes for a diminished pandemic this year; good news, I hope. There were several wishes for peace, a timeless request, unfortunately. Here are a few of my favorites.

I wish for an end to bigotry and for the celebration of our differences. Hoping for a peaceful 2023. More love and understanding. A peace that transcends all suffering. A return to health and joy in living. I hope 2023 is fun and full of opportunity. Wishing that love will find a way. That we see our differences as our strengths. Good health and happiness for family and dear friends. I hope for gentle, loving, beautiful days.

My photo choices were many, but in the end, I opted for “I hope I get a Squishmallow.”  And my wish, all the best to you for the holiday season.