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  • Shaded in Yellow |
    Shaded in Yellow

    Monterey Vista, Monterey, California With a cold winter chill in the air, I walked up a hill towards our house; …

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  • El Carmelo Cemetery |
    Garish Plastic Flowers

    El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove, California Early one morning, I was out for my Sunday morning romp on my bike. …

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  • Asilomar State Beach |
    Pokers and Paper

    Asilomar State Beach, Monterey, California Early last Sunday morning down at the wharf, we saw an older woman with a …

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  • Birds In-Flight |
    Groovy Ruts

    In-flight, Monterey, California The twinkling lights are coming down, and the eggnog is going sour. Everything seems the same as …

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  • Highway I-25, Wyoming |
    The Flame of Intention

    Highway I-25 north of Chugwater, Wyoming The week between the holidays has a feel. No other week feels quite like …

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  • Space and Silence

    Berlin, Germany The sun felt warm, friendly, and inviting on my face; I just leaned up against the concrete wall …

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  • The Beauty of Use

    Multivox Premier 100R Guitar Amplifier The Japanese have a word, wabi-sabi, which means finding beauty in the imperfection of life and …

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  • Black Sand |
    The Blank Wall

    Black Sand Beach, Sayulita, Mexico What should we do with the blank wall in our living room? Yes, we could …

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  • Morrie’s Alchemy |
    Morrie’s Alchemy

    First Rain, Monterey, California Thanksgiving evening after dessert, our host passed around paper and pens and asked us to write …

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  • Surface Tension |
    Surface Tension

    Berlin, Germany When I think of surface tension, I’m usually thinking of bugs skipping across water. It’s the attraction between …

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