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  • Mental Curation |
    Mental Curation

    Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary Art – Berlin – Germany   Did you know, Gambel’s quail, which lives in …

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  • Hissing Clicking and Purring

    Pacific Grove, Califonia    Early this morning, I was cruising along on my bike, trying to think of a missive …

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  • Fernsehturm, Berlin, Germany |
    My Secret

    A million years ago, in the late ‘70s, I moved to Hollywood to work in the recording studios. I had …

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  • Homespun Delightful Things

    Levitated Mass,” by Michael Heizer, LACMA I think what the world needs now is a store called, Et Cetera & …

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  • Pacific Grove |
    Oh No Not Holly’s

    Pacific Grove, California I just found out that our favorite breakfast and lunch place, Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe in Pacific Grove, …

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  • Ravenswork Studios, Venice, CA

    Ten years ago this week, I closed the Ravenswork Studios facility in Venice, CA. We supplied sound services for thousands …

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  • The Waitress’s Eyes
    The Waitress’s Eyes

    Donna’s eyes through a kaleidoscope, The Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, Berlin, Germany  We ventured out to one of our favorite lunch …

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  • Juggling the Heat

    Highway 1, Central California Coast All-day long, I pulled hot plastic parts out of a plastic injection molder. It was …

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  • Raven, Big Sur, CA |
    Claude and the Fawn

    Nepenthe, Big Sur, California When I was a child, I saw a black and white photo of my grandfather, Claude Redenbaugh, …

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  • Ships Not Seen

    Asilomar State Beach, California There’s a famous story of Christopher Columbus landing in the new world. Even though he anchored …

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