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  • Morro Bay, California
    Living Gracefully

    Morro Bay, California   As we walked through the nursing home, it seemed like Grace knew everyone. Old ranchers with …

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  • Replacement

    Monterey Bay, Monterey, California   When something isn’t working in the recording studio, it can be a task to figure …

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  • Only Sitting

    Redwood Forest, Big Sur, California   It had been a crazy day at work, not unlike most days, I suppose. …

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  • Loud Cover

    Premier 100 Guitar Amplifier   Volume gets everyone’s attention. It’s powerful, and all too often, can’t be ignored. You can …

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  • Monterey, CA in smoke
    Not A Lot of Words

    Monterey Bay, Monterey, California   I’ve mixed the audio for thousands of TV commercials. One of my favorite campaigns, from …

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  • Purring Clicks

    El Porto, Manhattan Beach, Califonia   In the early morning sun, drinking deep the cool, fresh air, I release the …

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  • Pop Songs and a Screwdriver

    Jettenbach, Germany   One fall afternoon, I went out to the garage to put new license plates on my car. …

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  • Gnomes and Flamingos

    I saw a raven sitting on a garden gnome. I’m not the kind of person to put a gnome in my …

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  • Phoenix Sculpture, by Steve Thomas, Nepenthe, Big Sur, California
    Stones and Equilibrium

    Phoenix Sculpture, by Steve Thomas, Nepenthe, Big Sur, California   As I head up the path, sounds of the city …

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  • Mild Distortion and Hungry Ducks

    Spreewald, Lübbenau, Germany   As the boat eases along, I stare into the water. Dark green with fish and guppies, …

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