(E = Engineer; M = Mixer; P = Producer; M = Mastered)
Demas Narawangsa: Discover: (2018, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Allan Holdsworth Collection (2017)
Imaginary Friends: Falling Inward (2017, M)
Grandpa Death Experience: UFSOTF (2017, M)
Dewa Budjana: Zentury (2016, M/M)
Dwiki Dharmawan: So Far So Close (2015, M/M)
Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma (2015, M/M)
Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar (2014, E/M/M)
Gary Husband: Dirty and Beautiful, Vol. 2 (2012, E)
Chad Wakerman: Dreams, Nightmares
and Improvisations (2011, M)
Gary Husband: Dirty and Beautiful, Vol. 1 (2010, E)
Death Angel: Archives and Artifacts (2005, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock:
The Best of Allan Holdsworth (2005, E)
Alan Holdsworth Group: Then! (2004, E)
Anita Baker: Sweet Love:
The Very Best of Anita Baker (2002, E)
Donatella: Under the Moon (2002, E/P)
Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors, Real Sock Ray Blue (1999, E)
Boy Hits Car: My Animal (1998, M)
Lester Butler: 13 (1997, E)
Fear: Have Another Beer with Fear (1995, M)

Metal Fest, Various Artists: Live Death (1994, M)
The Zeros: Names, Vol. 1 (1993, E, M)
Ovis: Schadenfreude (1993, M)
Emile Pandolfi: Once upon a Romance (1992, E/M)
Gregg Alexander: Intoxifornication (1992, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Wardenclyffe Tower (1992, E)
The Zeros: 4-3-2-1-The Zeros (1991, E/M)
Cirith Ungol: Paradise Lost (1991, M)
Hellion: Black Book (1991, M)
Gwar: Scumdogs of the Universe (1990, M)
Barren Cross: Hotter Than Hell! Live (1990, M)
Pigmy Love Circus: Live (1990, P/M)
Belinda Carlisle: Runaway Horses (1989, E)
The Graces: Perfect View (1989, E)
Ryudogumi: ZAP (1992, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Secrets (1989, E/M)
Gregg Alexander: Michigan Rain (1989, E)
Belinda Carlisle: Heaven on Earth (1989, E)
Wasted Youth: Black Daze (1988, M)
Martini Ranch: Holy Cow (1988, E)
Vengeance: Human Sacrifice (1988, E/M)
ANRI: Boogie Woogie Mainland (1988, E)
Uncle Slam: Say Uncle (1988, E)
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper: Bo-Day-Shus!!! (1987, E)  

Allan Holdsworth: Sand (1987, E/M)
Body: Body (1987, E)
Royal T: Feel My Wrath (1987, E/M)
Death Angel: Ultra-Violence (1987, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Atavachron (1986, E)
Barren Cross: Rock for the King (1986, M)
Anita Baker: Rapture (1986, E)
Joy Vogal: It’s A Crime (1986, M)
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper:
Get Out Of My Way / Frenzy (1986, E/M)
T.S.O.L.: Revenge (1986, E)
Rockwell: The Genie (1986, E)
Masi: Downtown Dreamers (1986. E/M)
Stevie Nicks: Rock a Little (1985, E)
Natalie Cole: Dangerous (1985, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Metal Fatigue (1985, E)
Joy Vogal: The Girl (1985, M)
Agent Orange: When You Least Expect It… (1984, M)
Dennis Edwards: Don’t Look Any Further (1984, E)
George Benson: In Your Eyes (1983, AE)
Allan Holdsworth: Road Games (1983, E/M)
The Mighty Clouds of Joy: Changing Times (1079, AE)
Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (1979, E)
Melissa Manchester: Don’t Cry Out Loud (1978, AE)