With a career spanning over three decades, Robert Feist has worked in nearly every aspect of the recording industry, has earned gold and platinum records and recorded for such artists as Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle and Anita Baker. His work encompasses many styles and genres from jazz, rock, pop and orchestral to film, video, commercial, TV, Radio and Internet. His commercial work includes countless TV, radio and Internet commercials for a diverse clientele such as: Nike for Wieden Kennedy, Apple for TBWA\Chiat\Day,

Toyota for Saatchi and Saatchi, and Cisco Systems for Ogilvy and Mather. His work also includes music videos such as Anybody Seen My Baby by the Rolling Stones, Home by Sheryl Crow, My Love Is Your Love by Whitney Houston, If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys and many more as well as numerous film, TV and documentary credits.

A gifted audio post-production mixer/sound designer and music recording engineer/mixer, Feist founded Ravenswork Studios in Venice, CA in 1996, which became one of the industries leading providers of audio post-production services in the country specializing in commercials, music videos, and documentaries.

In 2010 He closed the Venice, CA facility and is now working freelance and out of his personal studio in Monterey California.

Feist’s current work includes several films for

Brave New Films including; How Much is Your Freedom Worth and Immigrant Prisons, a new documentary film by James A. Kleinert Disappointment Valley, two albums for Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana; Hasta Karma and Zentury, and an album for Indonesian keyboardist Dwiki Dharmawan So Far So Close. Current commercial work includes Thanks a 9/11 tribute to New York Firefighters, directed by Spike Lee for DDB; Capital One, Wish for Others campaign; Adidas Clima campaign for Kastner & Partners and the Absolut Blank campaign for TBWA\Chiat\Day Absolut Vodka.

Feist currently serves on the advisory board for ANEW. He is past president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce and founder of the Venice Media District. He has served on the board of Venice Arts and was honored for his contributions in 2010 with an award and a video made by the students. Feist also served on the board of P.A.C.T. Positive Alternative Choices Today a non-profit serving the local at-risk youth. In addition, he continues to offer sound services to non-profit and charity projects.



(E = Engineer; M = Mixer; P = Producer; M = Mastered)
Demas Narawangsa: Discover: (2018, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Allan Holdsworth Collection (2017)
Imaginary Friends: Falling Inward (2017, M)
Grandpa Death Experience: UFSOTF (2017, M)
Dewa Budjana: Zentury (2016, M/M)
Dwiki Dharmawan: So Far So Close (2015, M/M)
Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma (2015, M/M)
Dewa Budjana: Surya Namaskar (2014, E/M/M)
Gary Husband: Dirty and Beautiful, Vol. 2 (2012, E)
Chad Wakerman: Dreams, Nightmares
and Improvisations (2011, M)
Gary Husband: Dirty and Beautiful, Vol. 1 (2010, E)
Death Angel: Archives and Artifacts (2005, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock:
The Best of Allan Holdsworth (2005, E)
Alan Holdsworth Group: Then! (2004, E)
Anita Baker: Sweet Love:
The Very Best of Anita Baker (2002, E)
Donatella: Under the Moon (2002, E/P)
Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors, Real Sock Ray Blue (1999, E)
Boy Hits Car: My Animal (1998, M)
Lester Butler: 13 (1997, E)
Fear: Have Another Beer with Fear (1995, M)

Metal Fest, Various Artists: Live Death (1994, M)
The Zeros: Names, Vol. 1 (1993, E, M)
Ovis: Schadenfreude (1993, M)
Emile Pandolfi: Once upon a Romance (1992, E/M)
Gregg Alexander: Intoxifornication (1992, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Wardenclyffe Tower (1992, E)
The Zeros: 4-3-2-1-The Zeros (1991, E/M)
Cirith Ungol: Paradise Lost (1991, M)
Hellion: Black Book (1991, M)
Gwar: Scumdogs of the Universe (1990, M)
Barren Cross: Hotter Than Hell! Live (1990, M)
Pigmy Love Circus: Live (1990, P/M)
Belinda Carlisle: Runaway Horses (1989, E)
The Graces: Perfect View (1989, E)
Ryudogumi: ZAP (1992, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Secrets (1989, E/M)
Gregg Alexander: Michigan Rain (1989, E)
Belinda Carlisle: Heaven on Earth (1989, E)
Wasted Youth: Black Daze (1988, M)
Martini Ranch: Holy Cow (1988, E)
Vengeance: Human Sacrifice (1988, E/M)
ANRI: Boogie Woogie Mainland (1988, E)
Uncle Slam: Say Uncle (1988, E)
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper: Bo-Day-Shus!!! (1987, E)

Allan Holdsworth: Sand (1987, E/M)
Body: Body (1987, E)
Royal T: Feel My Wrath (1987, E/M)
Death Angel: Ultra-Violence (1987, M)
Allan Holdsworth: Atavachron (1986, E)
Barren Cross: Rock for the King (1986, M)
Anita Baker: Rapture (1986, E)
Joy Vogal: It’s A Crime (1986, M)
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper:
Get Out Of My Way / Frenzy (1986, E/M)
T.S.O.L.: Revenge (1986, E)
Rockwell: The Genie (1986, E)
Masi: Downtown Dreamers (1986. E/M)
Stevie Nicks: Rock a Little (1985, E)
Natalie Cole: Dangerous (1985, E)
Allan Holdsworth: Metal Fatigue (1985, E)
Joy Vogal: The Girl (1985, M)
Agent Orange: When You Least Expect It… (1984, M)
Dennis Edwards: Don’t Look Any Further (1984, E)
George Benson: In Your Eyes (1983, AE)
Allan Holdsworth: Road Games (1983, E/M)
The Mighty Clouds of Joy: Changing Times (1079, AE)
Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (1979, E)
Melissa Manchester: Don’t Cry Out Loud (1978, AE)


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